History KZNP

Guild of Agricultural Journalists and Publicists (KZNP) is one of the oldest associations of professional journalists in the Czech Republic. Its history dates back to 1950, when the Division of Agricultural Journalists was founded at the Czechoslovak Union of Journalists. This division had about 130 members – journalists, pursuing agricultural topics. The first president was Mr. Jan Smetáček, the chief editor of journals of Brázda publisher.

The KZNP gained independence and was formed in 1990. In 1992 was admitted to the International Association of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) and it has been a member from that time onwards. Since 2006 a representative of KZNP is an executive committee member of IFAJ. The club currently has more than 40 members.

Majority of the guild members are people whose main profession is not journalism, but they work in the field of agriculture, rural development and related fields and they publish in specialized media. Many KZNP members are representatives of educational and state institutions.